Different kinds of freezers and their uses


Bharat Refrigeration: Different kinds of freezers and their uses

Freezers are essential in people’s everyday lives because they serve tons of purposes. From keeping different kinds of foods fresh to keeping ice creams warm, this electronic appliance is a lifesaver. 

However, some of you may be surprised that even though they essentially serve the same purpose, there are different types that are great for specific uses. Some kinds may be useful in one area but not in others and if you’re curious to know more, keep on reading!

Here at Bharat Refrigeration, we want you to end up with the right type of freezer based on your needs. That’s why in this blog, we’re going to list them down so you won’t have a hard time picking out what’s best for you. So without further ado, here are the different kinds of freezers and their uses:

Chest freezers

If storage capacity is your number one priority, then chest freezers are for you. They’re also known as reach-in freezers because how they work is that it opens upwards giving you the full ability to reach in and take everything you want inside.

Chest freezers are shaped and built like a large chest/box and it’s extremely spacious which is why they are commonly used commercially. Its storage capacity and strong freezing capacity makes it a must-buy for retail store owners. Stores that sell meat, vegetables, ice cream and other frozen goods are seen using this type of storage.

When it comes to organization, this freezer also passes in flying colours! Aside from the chest-like format that makes it convenient for stacking products on top of each other, they also come with a basket where you can separate products from each other. This is helpful if you don’t want your ice cream to be mixed up with your different cuts of meat.

A drawback of chest freezers is that because of their spacious size, they would take up a lot of space inside your home. This is especially hard if you’re planning to place this in your kitchen which is impractical and sometimes, downright impossible.

If you do however want to buy one for your home, you’d need to free up some space and not place it inside your kitchen. The typical storage capacity of a chest freezer can range from 2.1 to 40 cubic feet which is why you’ll usually see them being used in hotels, restaurants and other businesses that need to store large amounts of perishable goods.

When it comes to the distribution of cold temperature, it can sometimes be inconsistent. A huge factor for this is its absence of fans. This results in an uneven temperature with the bottom part receiving most of the coolness. That’s why the easily perishable goods are usually stored at the bottom such as cuts of meat, poultry and fish.

Upright freezers

If you’re planning to own a freezer that you can store inside your home, then upright freezers are the best option for you. From the name itself, they stand upright which means that they span vertically making them easy to fit in your kitchen. Even though they sometimes cost twice as much as chest freezers, it’s worth every single penny because of this reason alone.

On top of that, upright freezers are also much easier to access because you don’t have to reach down to get what you need inside of them. Once you open its door, most of the items inside will be at your eye level.

Upright freezers further nail its ease of access feature by having compartments that can stack on top of each other. Thanks to these shelves you can easily retrieve items without having to bend down or extend your arm.

There are four different types of upright freezers, these are:

Standalone upright freezer

A standalone upright freezer acts like its chest counterpart with the biggest difference being that it stands vertically instead of horizontally. It’s mainly a freezer and it doesn’t come with a refrigerator. These come with temperature control that’s placed either inside or outside of the freezer itself. However, when it is placed outside, it’s usually digital.

Refrigerator with freezer below

Refrigerators with freezers below are one of the two most commonly used types by households. They serve double purposes as they can help keep frozen goods fresh as well as store food. With this design, you’ll find the freezer as a drawer below the refrigerator.

Refrigerator with freezer on top

Another type that’s commonly used by households, refrigerators with freezers on top are exactly what they sound like. They’re divided into two different sections with the bottom one acting as the refrigerator and the top portion as the freezer. 

Because of its double purpose, it comes with the drawback of having a limited storage space. However, if you don’t need to store bulk foods, then this is the perfect choice for your kitchen.

American-style side-by-side refrigerator

If you’ve got some space to spare and some funds, you can go for the American-style side-by-side refrigerator. You’ll usually see this in big houses that are depicted in movies and you’re probably familiar with how it works.

It has two compartments, the refrigerator and the freezer. They can take either side but one thing’s for sure, the freezer side is the narrow one. However, even though it’s slimmer than the refrigerator, you’ll still get an ample amount of storage space because it spans vertically.

Drawer freezers

From the name itself, drawer freezers share the same design as drawers where they are pulled for you to access the items that are stored inside. The benefit of owning this type of freezer is that it’s perfect for business and personal use. This is because it doesn’t take up that much space but at the same time, it provides plentiful storage space.

Its ease of access is what also brings customers to buy this type of freezer because they don’t have to reach inside as they only need to pull it in their direction. The best part is that they can be stacked on top of each other to add more storage space.

As for its organization, you’ll have a blast putting items in their place in this freezer. This is because it offers spacious designs and dividers where you can neatly place all the items inside.

The downside of this freezer however is that it comes at a hefty price. But if you can look past the price, then you’ll be getting a solid freezer that isn’t only capable of storing goods but is also highly accessible to the point where it can be opened by children and people with disabilities.

Portable freezer

Sometimes, you need to be on the go with your perishable goods. When this situation happens to you, it would be best if you have a portable freezer with you. With this freezer, you can store your perishable goods and keep them fresh as you’re on the road during your travels.

Because of its small size, it can also be used inside your office if you want to keep some drinks icy cold. However, the drawback is that it can only fit a limited amount of items inside but, if you only need it for transporting goods, then this is perfect for you.

Display freezers

Display freezers act as normal freezers but with the added feature of glass doors. This is the reason why retail stores use this type of freezer because customers will be able to see what’s inside before they even open it.

These freezers come in different shapes and sizes and they can be used to store ice cream, cuts of meat, cheese and other items that need to be kept at a low temperature. Mainly, there are two types of display freezers available in the market, these are:

Upright display freezer

If you’ve gone to any gas station or convenience store, you’ve probably seen an upright display freezer. This type usually houses drinks such as sodas and beer but they can also be used to store other perishable items.

Chest style display freezer

Ice cream parlours use chest style display freezers because of their ease of access and ability to keep ice cream at a specific temperature that makes it not too hard or soft. These come with slidable glass doors so that the worker can easily scoop up some ice cream and serve customers.

Buy the best freezer for you today!

Now that you’ve learned about the different freezers and what they’re best used for, it’s time for you to buy the one that you’ve been thinking about for a while! Reading this blog will help you narrow down your choices. 

Assess things such as storage capacity, ground clearance, how good they are at being freezers and more so that you’ll end up with the best one for you. Once you’ve made your decision, be sure to visit us here at Bharat Refrigeration for all your freezer needs!

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