Beginner’s guide to ordering a refrigerator online


Tips and tricks when ordering a refrigerator online

When buying a refrigerator online, there are certain things you need to know and consider. There are tons of refrigerators types from double doors, buttons, freezers, counter-depths and many more. But with the wide variety, there are certain types to avoid and others to favour.

You may come across a wonderful deal on a refrigerator online, but before making such a large purchase, you should understand more about how to determine whether it is worth your money. So if you’re curious, Bharat Refrigeration has made a guide for beginners when shopping for a refrigerator online down below:

  1. Top freezers

Top freezers are one of the most common and oldest types of refrigerators in the market that you might also have a home. These freezers usually contain 2 types of compartments, one being the chiller where you keep fresh produce and the other one being the freezer where you keep meat and other frozen goods. 

This type of refrigerator is preferably for people who store fewer items in their freezers. But if you’re someone who likes to stack up on frozen goods this is something you can steer clear of.

  1. Bottom freezers

For this type, you’re met with a more spacious freezer compared to top freezers. This contains two chambers, one for the chiller and the other for the freezer, which is right next to one another. This gives you easier access to frozen and chilled goods since they’re both in one single drawer merely divided by compartments. 

However, if you don’t like bending over, whether it’s because of joint difficulties or just because you don’t want to, this is a refrigerator to avoid. But if you’re someone who wants bigger space for their frozen and chilled goods, this is something to consider.

  1. Side-by-side

For side-by-side freezers, it’s a type of refrigerator that has two doors. This is more pricey than single doored options but offers great qualities. You get more room plus added features and you’ll be able to have a whole section just for frozen and chilled goods. 

On the other door, you can add in any items you usually keep in your fridge such as juice, leftovers, soft drinks and many more. The advantages of getting this is having more space to store goods and also possible added features such as an ice dispenser, water dispenser and so on. The disadvantage, on the other hand, is that it’s pretty pricey and might be over budget and is also not kid-friendly since it doesn’t provide easy access to drinks and snacks.

  1. French door

A french door refrigerator is a fusion of a side-by-side door and a bottom freezer. This provides you with more space, compartments and even easier access to goods. But the downside is that it’s pretty pricey and is probably the most expensive one on the list but is undoubtedly the most impressive. 

So if you’re scouting for a great quality refrigerator despite its price then you can consider this option but if you’re on a budget, steer clear from it.

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